AgiPrx – HAProxy configuration CLI and SSH Proxy config tool

Manage thousands of domains, HAProxy backends and server/virtual machine/container references by a SQL based CLI tool and generate an extensive HAProxy and SSH proxy configuration.


Think about you have thousands of domain names to administer, lots of internal servers/virtual-machines/containers that serve web-content for these domain names. You need to get SSL certificates assigned and updated for these domains. You need to manage those domain names in groups/projects and be able to silently switch those groups from old server:port to a new server:port without external disturbance. And think about you want to additionally manage SSH/SFTP user accounts including SSH public keys that should be assigned to certain backends and switched over silently while user access data from the outside remains the same. And think about you like to give some self service to your advanced users / DevOps that like to be able to administer their systems by their own, e.g. assign domain names, replace external certificates or create new HAProxy backends. And think about you like to offer services from your internal (IPv6 only) network to the outside world by IPv4. Then you get an idea what AgiPrx can be used for:

Continue reading about AgiPrx and AgiPrx-Setup at Github.